Wednesday, October 13

QEH2 Celebrates 4th Anniversary With Castle Rock Chamber Ribbon Cutting Event

by Alex Repola

Over the past year, QeH2 has focused some of their attention on reconnecting with the Castle Rock community. After almost four years of business and expanding into many of the small-to-medium business markets along the Front Range, QeH2 invited the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce to their downtown office to celebrate their fourth anniversary with a ribbon cutting event.

“QeH2 is very proud of their Castle Rock roots and we believe this event further solidifies our appreciation and dedication to this community,” said Eric Pratt, Director of Sales and Marketing. Pratt, who has been with QeH2 since early 2009, understands that building long-lasting relationships through associations like the chamber and the Castle Rock Economic Development Council, is essential in building trust.

The name, QeH2, is an acronym made up after the four owners of the company; Quentin Jaksch, Darrin Eisele, and brothers Ian and Jim Holt. With a century of technology and business experience among the four of them, producing results and growing the organization by leveraging technology in every aspect of business, is proving to be a very successful way of building a business.

QeH2 was created based on some revolutionary principles; the first being ‘Say-Do’ which literally translates into, if they say they are going to do something, they do it. QeH2 prides on always delivering solutions on time and to specifications. Another distinguishing principle is that they DO NOT make clients sign contracts. Their services provide clients with a limited risk engagement; this revolutionary one-week agreement empowers clients by providing flexibility to focus only on priorities. Additionally, QeH2 provides premium documentation on everything they work on with clients. Focusing on providing clients with detailed, clear documentation helps to promote trust and creates a map of where QeH2 can help organizations improve business processes through leveraging technology.

This past year, QeH2 was named one of Denver’s Fastest Growing Small Businesses by the Denver Business Journal. In the past two months, QeH2 has opened offices in both Colorado Springs and Highlands Ranch, giving them even more of local presence in Denver and Southern Colorado. 17 employees, 15-plus in-house skill sets, over 100 clients; QeH2 isn’t going anywhere. Their continuous devotion to building and leveraging relationships is an important part to how QeH2 does business.

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