Tuesday, April 7

Tar Heels' returnees accomplish title mission

DETROIT (AP) — Tyler Hansbrough wore a clipped-down net around his neck and a T-shirt proclaiming North Carolina as national champion. A few feet to his right sat Wayne Ellington, who had just been selected the most outstanding player in the Final Four.

Across the festive locker room at Ford Field sat teammates Ty Lawson and Danny Green, the other members of the quartet who considered a jump to the NBA as underclassmen last year.

This was the moment they hoped for.

This was the reason they stayed.

With Monday night's 89-72 win over Michigan State, they accomplished what they came back to school to do: win the program's fifth NCAA title.

"A lot of outside people were saying we have to win it all or it's going to be a failure," Hansbrough said. "Well, you know what? It's not a failure. We came back to win a championship. We did, and we got the job done. There was a lot of pressure, but no one's disappointed in this locker room."


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