Thursday, April 30

QeH2 announces CBeyond Channel Partnership

by Eric Pratt

QeH2 has agreed to terms with Cbeyond to become a Channel Partner. QeH2 believes this partnership will augment their ability to provide their clients with extended services. QeH2 already works with Cbeyond in many client environments as our systems overlap. As Channel Partners they will have the ability to pass on pricing advantages to their clients. Providing information and technology is QeH2's niche and the access to resources is a big competitive advantage their clients hold, this announcement increases that advantage with current and potential clients.
Cbeyond is the voice and broadband Internet provider built exclusively to serve small businesses. They work exclusively with this growing entrepreneurial class of customers and it shows in everything they do - from our customized packages to their unique customer support. Their local, long distance and Internet packages, anytime account management and industry-first VoIP platform give small businesses the communication tools that big businesses enjoy - at an affordable price.

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