Friday, May 22

Xerox announces “ground breaking” color technology

Xerox launched their new “environmentally friendly” color machine on May 7th! The “ColorQube” is a color multifunction device that can be configured in different speeds and is totally green, sustainable and affordable. This new family of products uses Xerox’s patented “solid ink” technology now combined with Xerox’s workgroup MFP expertise. Solid Ink sticks are cartridge free, and therefore a true consumable. This new series will use 90% less waste than laser printers and has all the latest scanning technology on it with numerous finishing options available. This new machine is so user friendly and intuitive, it can diagnose potential problems and fix them ahead of time reducing maintenance and service calls. Your IT support group will appreciate reduced intervention and calls to your help desk. But best of all, it charges you for the actual color used on a page. No more paying expensive full-color page prices for small amounts of color.

This product breaks the mold for color MPFs in several aspects:

  • High performance

  • Low environmental impact

  • Lowest color page price in the industry – as low as .03 cents per copy!!!!

  • Solid Ink encourages the use of recycled and lighter weight papers without sacrificing print quality

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