Friday, November 20

Microsoft Enters Partnership with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has reported that it will be the first social networking site to support Outlook Social Connector, part of Microsoft Office 2010.

Both companies have released reports stating the the functionality will be available in early 2010, the belief being that you can be much more effective in the business world with your professional network right at your finger tips. Read more.

Using an email from someone you've just stared doing business with who is connected on LinkedIn, can be instantly added to your professional network, bringing key elements of your LinkedIn network to where you work - your Outlook e-mail inbox. The Paper Pane gives you the ability to see picture, title, and name of email senders, providing a rich, comprehensive collection of information about the sender.

These two corporations and the partnership they have formed here is only going to continue to find new and innovative ways to do business and bring people together.

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