Thursday, November 19

Shift to Online Media from More Traditional for SMBs

Shift to Online Media from More Traditional for SMBs
by BIA/Kelsey

A survey conducted by BIA/Kelsey Group in August 2009 has shown a shift in the use of more traditional media over the last few years to the use of digital media, altering the way small to medium-sized businesses handle sales and marketing efforts within their organization.

The proportion of SMBs using the internet to track and measure new-business leads has also increased steadily over the last two years, increasing from 22% in 2008 to 30% in 2009.

Online business directories and other similar tools are becoming more and more important in the decision-making process as consumers are turning to the web to gather information on locally owned businesses and their competitors.

Here at QeH2, we are finding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another key factor for SMBs trying to market themselves within their given industry. When a business owner has their organizations name at the top of the list on Google (or other similar search engines like Bing) when someone searches for local results within that specific industry can severely hamper the competitions ability to be competitive.

Later this week, I’ll be sitting down with Pam of 1SpotInfo to talk about what they are doing to build-up and strengthen the local business market.

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