Thursday, January 28

Going Paperless? This Will Get You Thinking

by Alex Repola

Despite the increasing use of computers in the workplace, a good portion of most day-to-day work is still paper-based. Additionally, human behavior works against a true paperless office; employees will always want to print documents for more careful study or to use in meetings.

Many offices have made at least a partial move to implementing a paperless environment either by using scanners instead of copying machines, sending electronic faxes instead of paper faxes, or storing information electronically instead of in filling cabinets.

These are just some of the more simple ways of drastically reducing the amount of paper documents your organization relies on. If it takes five minutes to retrieve and replace a paper file and the employee works with ten paper files per day, that’s close to an hour a day. At $20 an hour, that’s almost $5000 spent annually on employees walking files around.

Looking at the different options to begin cutting costs and implementing a paperless solution that is geared towards your specific environment and a return on your investment, is an area where QeH2 has a lot of experience. With dedicated Denver IT support professionals managing paperless solutions for other local small to medium-sized businesses, we have the experience and knowledge of the steps necessary in paperless projects.

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