Tuesday, February 2

Top 10 Sales Mistakes When Selling Technology Products and How to Avoid Them

by Tessa Stowe

Mistake #1: Selling the Wrong Thing
Instead: Sell What People Want to Buy

Mistake #2: Acting Like a Salesperson
Instead: Be Your Authentic Self

Mistake #3: Your Intent Is To Sell
Instead: Your Intent is to Solve Problems

Mistake #4: Selling to People Who Aren’t Going To Buy
Instead: Sell to Qualified Prospects

Mistake #5: Prescribing Before Diagnosing
Instead: Diagnose and then Prescribe

Mistake #6: Talking Too Much
Instead: Talk Less – Listen More

Mistake #7: Bombarding Features and Benefits
Instead: Give Relevant Presentations

Mistake #8: Leaving Prospects to Work Out the Financial Justification
Instead: Work Out the Financial Justification With Your Prospect

Mistake #9: Using Closing Techniques
Instead: Suggest the ‘Next Step’

Mistake #10: Treating the Sale as the End
Instead: Treat the Sale as the Beginning

This are all very valuable tips on how to get back to the basics within the sales arena. Reading over these tips made me realize that if you just slow down, listen to what the needs of each individual organization are, and direct your conversation towards those needs, sales conversations will be much smoother and will come very natural to you.

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