Friday, March 12

Cisco's CRS-3 Carrier Routing System is Right in Line With QeH2 Best of Breed Technology Practices

by Alex Repola

Boasting 12 times the traffic capacity to their closest competes abilities, Cisco has introduced a major advancement in Internet networking, hoping to set the pace for video transmission growth.

The focus is not on the Internet connecting web surfers, this is preparing for future growth with the advancement of technology. Accelerated delivery of new and revolutionary experiences for consumers as well as a serious contribution to the enhancement of video and communications between the health care and educational industries is taking Cisco from the plumber of the Internet to more of a business partner relationship.

One of the world's largest telecommunications companies, AT&T, recently ran tests using the CRS-3, successfully completing the first field trial of the 100-Gigabit backbone network technology. AT&T hopes to advance their development of network technology to meet growing requirements for consumer and business needs, both mobile and fixed.

Read here for highlights and capabilities of Next-Generation Internet:

  • Unmatched Scale

  • Unique Core and Data Center/Cloud Service Intelligence

  • Unprecedented Savings

  • Silicone Innovation

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