Wednesday, March 10

Newest Addition to the QeH2 Team is no Rookie; Danny Reagan Receives February 2010 F.I.R.E Award

After only a short period with QeH2, Danny Reagan is already making an impression on clients and peers.

Partner and District Manager Quentin Jaksch has been thrilled with Reagan's dedication and growth in the short time he has been with the company. "Danny’s understanding of diligence and timeliness set him apart. He is willing to help his customers in any way he can and is available at a moment’s notice to help other team members. His dedication to QeH2 and his customers sets a precedence within QeH2," replied Quentin.

Danny's ability to transition clients and different fronts has created buzz about his work within his peers, voicing how much they enjoy working with Danny. In addition to working well with the QeH2 Team, clients are giving ownership of QeH2 very positive feedback about Danny's work in the field.

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