Monday, December 28

10 Best Year-End Tech Practices for SMBs

by Alex Repola

Earlier this month TechRepublic's Erik Eckel released an article titled, 10 Best Year-End Tech Practices for SMBs. After reading through the best practices, it really helped me to realize how helpful a basic "clean-up" could be and the benefits of giving your IT environment a little TLC. Here are the 10 things to keep in mind as you and your organization bring in the new year.

  1. Restore backups to confirm operation

  2. Review disk image inventory and status

  3. Physically clean servers and PCs

  4. De-fragment hard disks

  5. Audit software licenses and media

  6. Perform network stress tests

  7. Audit user accounts

  8. Confirm equipment inventory

  9. Clean printers

  10. Clean your cube or office


Some of these best practices are very basic maintenance items that are generally performed semi-regularly within your organization. Other items on this list may require you to spend some of your free time on the evenings or weekends performing some of these tasks to be ready for the 2010.
QeH2 builds and strengthens relationships based on how well we help SMBs pinpoint areas within their organization that may need just a little extra attention to lengthen the life of hardware and/or software; maximizing your resources and taking time and money previously spent on maintenance and reallocating those things on moving business forward.

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  1. Nice find Alex, I'm guessing that's good advice not only for our clients but also for ourselves. Although many of these services are completed regularly by our Techs this provides a nice task list to ensure nothing gets missed. I'd like to add #11. Clean the server room...... ours needs some TLC I think.


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