Tuesday, December 22

Reduce Your IT Energy Consumption Today

by Alex Repola

Collectively, US organizations waste $3B every year powering 100M unused PCs. This is because 50 percent of working Americans leave their office PCs on when they leave for the night, creating a massive carbon footprint," a report on LinkedIn reads. Read more...

Just a single PC left on overnight and on weekends wastes organization $70 to $150 equaling 620lbs of CO2 annually.

For an example of a way to conserve energy, the Berkely Green IT Initiative used Auto Shutdown Manager and achieved a reduction of PC energy consumption by 85 percent in just six months. The savings, on average, were $4000 for 100 PCs.

Auto Shutdown Manager is only one of many different ways to use, centrally managed power solution. It never interrupts working users or productive systems. Business owners are able to take full control of the shut-down, wake-up and sleep modes; on demand, by time, for patch management, or by policies. Auto Manager Shutdown was built with the IT Department in mind, controlling entire IT landscapes from one central console.

Turning your machines off at the end of each day not only puts money back in the owners pockets, it conserves energy and reduces your carbon footprint.

The problem is that many organizations, little and big, have an issue with turning machines off at the end of the day. Getting employees to do this manually can be quite cumbersome, looking at the different options that can perform this task for you or at least minimize your over all power consumption within the technology side of things is a whole different story.

QeH2 focuses on intelligent solutions that help to move business forward, getting over hurtles and dealing with issues properly the first time; putting that money back in your pockets. Check out some of the things we recommend when looking to implement power saving technology and other green initiatives.

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