Wednesday, December 16

QeH2 to Begin Recycling their Office Waste Just in Time for the Holidays

by Alex Repola

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency says there are three main ways to produce less waste:

Since 1960, the amount of waste each person produces has almost doubled from 2.7 to 4.5 pounds per day according to the E.P.A. The idea is that curbing this trend will help in preventing waste in the first place.

Some of the major benefits to recycling are expansion of U.S. manufacturing jobs, reducing the need for landfillng and incineration, conserves natural resources, and helps to decrease green house gasses.

Although many of the benefits in recycling are seen on larger scales, if just your company recycles soda cans, cardboard, paper of all sorts, and even plastic waste, knowing your organization is doing your part is a good feeling. When its made as easy as throwing all the above mentioned recyclables into one giant receptacle its, a no-brainer.

QeH2 has been using green cleaning supplies through Office ProClean, a Castle Rock born office and home cleaning company, for years, taking this next step in reducing our carbon footprint makes us that much more efficient.

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