Wednesday, December 9

10 Ways to Increase IT ROI Without Adding Staff

Within IT, there are big-picture considerations that can help guide how companies adjust and manage their IT operations. More and more IT executives have had to re-balance IT initiatives to focus on projects with near-term benefits while keeping momentum on longer-term, strategic projects. Also, aligning IT more closely with business priorities are most likely going to be focused on revenue.

This means increasing ROI without bringing on more cost in the long run help in generating more revenue within the organization instead of having to cut budgets, IT being one of the first departments to take a hit.

1. Go Green

2. Standardize

  • Lower labor cost resulting from fewer configurations to manage

3. Virtualize

  • Lower costs for hardware, space and utilities

4. Track Assets

  • Software - reduce licensing costs for unused licenses
  • Hardware - Find lost assets. Timely patches reduce costly outages

5. Best Practices From Community
  • Lower costs for paid vendor technical support

  • Lower costs for training, especially travel
  • Reduce travel costs, including personnel time

7. Automated Systems Management Tasks
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Better compliance reduces cost of outages
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Lower utility costs

9. Vendor Financing
  • Conserves cash by spreading purchase cost over time

10. Appliances
  • Lower labor costs to maintain
  • Lower utility costs

These best practices give business owners and IT officials different ways to look at increasing returns within IT and revenue increases in other areas that have not yet been explored. Becoming more efficient and utilizing the different tools already ingrained within a companies business processes is something QeH2 has been exploiting within SMBs since the company's conception.

Helping organizations consolidate multi-server environments by virtualizing physical servers is a trend QeH2 has seen grow vastly over the last few years and is a great way to help save money. Tracking assets is another best practice QeH2 prides themselves on doing for their clients. Documenting license keys for each one of your machines is not only necessary to avoid having a single license on multiple machines, which can be a legal issue, but also to keep you from purchasing more licenses when you already have extras laying around.

There are many ways to not only keep costs down but even increase RIO over time within IT. QeH2 is agnostic in their approach to finding solutions that help move your business forward; we have no other motivation than to provide the most intelligent solutions.

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